565 Front St., PO Box 299,
Wyoming, ON, N0N 1T0


  • Any items broken or dirty
  • Clothing (name brand clothing in new condition will be accepted)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Broken or untested tools or electronics
  • Tube TV’s (Flat screen tvs in working condition accepted)
  • Particle board furniture
  • Mattresses must be stain-free, clean and in excellent condition
  • Entertainment centres
  • Desks
  • Imperfect china (Incomplete Dish sets) some still sell but most do not.
  • Imperfect crystal (Especially Pinwheel) plain decanters ok
  • Knic Knacs, small collectibles
  • Oak/walnut (Dark Brown) furniture (Old pine is still good and most teak)
  • Beds and Bed Frames
  • Fabric Couches (Unless super retro looking or less than 2 yrs old)
  • Most teacups (Some Exceptions)
  • Anything broken
  • Newspapers (BAD)
  • Anything that smells musty or mold covered or rodent feces
  • Dirty items (Clean your items first please!)
  • Modern Christmas decorations
  • Used clothes
  • Collector plates
  • Organs and pianos
  • Compressed air cylinders